Protect the cows within our galaxy from being taken (cow-napped?) by the Alien. We do not know where it takes them, but we heard rumors of fast food restaurants...  

You receive a gold badge for saving most of the cows on a planet.  Don’t expect to get them all.




Has a severe dislike of cows, especially ones jumping over the moon. Its mission, which Space Rangers are trying to stop, is to eliminate all cows from the galaxy.


Space Crow

Annoying and gets in the way, and dives toward you when wounded (which makes it even more annoying).  We have reports of them flocking, but we hope we never see that.

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They have no idea why the Alien wants to take all the cows, but he pays well… Regardless, Bombers are almost as good at removing cows as the Alien.

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The Alien’s star wars missile defense system. Its Fast Astro Ranger Tracking System (FARTS) enables it to follow you. Needless to say, the blast removes cows (and anything else with a nose).

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Asteroids packed with explosives. Better change sides when they roll your way.

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Gun Fighter

So dangerous we added a clock to your ship telling when the next one will arrive. Always in a bad mood, they shoot anything in their path, but mostly Space Rangers.

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Pacifist sky writers, but they are dangerous when you get in the way of their creativity.

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Strong silent types. They take a beating and keep on spinning.  Until they don’t.

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The Eye

Their looks can kill.  Enough said.

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Create a Lightning Magnetic Pulse (LiMP) that stops whatever it hits. Gives us a heart attack just thinking about it.

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Alien Children

Misguided and having bad behavior, the Alien lets them out to challenge you.

Good Guys


AR 5000

Your ship. Some say it is not as fast as it once was, but it has outlived the 500 Astro Rangers who piloted it (and died) before you. Someday we might build a new one. Until then, try to make the best of it.

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The only [best] supply ship we could convince [find] to help you. Delivers upgrades for your ship if you pay for them or drops bombs if you do not. It does not like being here for no pay.


Shield Present

Provides enough profilactium to turn on your shields for a few seconds. A little protection goes a long way. Right?


Double Shot Present

Coolant to enable both guns on your ship to fire at once. But the coolant leaks out and they quickly overheat.


Fast Reload Present

When you absolutely have to kill all things in sight.

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